Westmeath Windows and Doors

Choosing a front door colour.

Deciding on your front door colour is always going to be difficult. You have spent time picking out a door style so the colour shouldn’t be an afterthought. First and foremost, it is the first thing people see when they visit your home. All homeowners would like their front door entrance to be seen as welcoming. While some homeowners adore having a contemporary modern look, for others a cottage or cozy feel is the key. What surrounds your door has an impact on the colour that you go for also. If for instance you have a brick with red or orange tones we find that the three grey colours go well. If the brick is yellow toned the red colour goes well. The colour of your windows can also have an impact on what colour you choose for your door. Our gallery is always a good place to look when you are choosing colours as there you will see real homes with their new installations. By viewing these you can come to the conclusion of what you feel works the best.   The door designer tool is also great for imposing different colours and styles onto your home which makes it easier to visualize what suits your home. Our customers have found it extremely helpful. What often happens is that they change their mind after using the door designer tool and opt for an alternative style or colour. As always please do not be shy and ask for our advice.

The good news is that we offer a wide range of eye catching colour options to choose from so you can achieve your dream look without compromising your own personal style.

Palermo Solid in Agate Grey