Westmeath Windows and Doors

Easy Clean Hinges

Today we are going to talk about the benefits and the negatives of the easy clean hinge system. Easy clean hinges were created to aid people in the cleaning of the exterior part of the window.  It enables the client to open the window to 90 degrees by pressing two buttons at the bottom and top hinge allowing the sash to slide across therefore creating a space to let your hand out on to the inside to clean the sash. Moving back the window into it’s ordinary position, the easy clean will lock back in to place and the window will operate as normal.

Like with everything there are negatives to this system also. The easy clean hinge can be temperamental  and when moving it into the easy clean position it is important to move the bottom and the top equally in small amounts. It is also important when having finished cleaning the window to move the easy clean hinge back into its original position by the same method. One of the biggest mistakes people make is grabbing the handle and pulling the window closed forcing the easy clean back into its original position and thus straining the mechanism.

It should be also noted that easy clean hinges do not come with a child restrictor function so once the handle is opened the window can open to a full 90 degrees without any further restriction thus enabling it to open fully with no safe guard in place.