Westmeath Windows and Doors

The Avant Garde Collection

The Palladio Door Collection has a new contemporary range of stylish doors called The Avant Garde Collection. 

The new designs are inspired by the work produced by the ‘Bauhaus Movement’ of the 1920s and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Avant Garde Collection is ultra-sleek and will add a modern twist to your home while importantly ensuring to keep you and your home safe and secure.

Some of the other benefits of the Avant Garde doors include being double rebated as standard, triple glazed units with matching sidelights that come with a renolit foil finish. The Avant Garde doors are made up of ultra-strong Durohalts composite structure and a revolutionary high density PU core that gives the doors massive strength and 100% protection.

The Avant Garde Collection range is currently available in five styles to choose from. The Barcelona, Milan, Madrid, Matisse and Gauguin styles are available for ordering and come in 9 stunning colours including Chartwell Green, Bog Oak and Red. Two new glass types have been launched to compliment them also TG507 and TG508.

*Images and some descriptive text from Palladio*