Contemporary in design and manufactured to the highest standards by skilled craftsmen, Dublin Composite Doors are certain to give added elegance to your home. Their superior construction and unrivalled solidity will also give you peace of mind.

If space is what you are after, why not ask Dublin Composite Doors to design the conservatory of your dreams.

Design for life

A conservatory or sun-room will transform your lifestyle by bringing light, space and luxury to everyday family living. Room to work, room to entertain and most importantly space to enjoy the beauty of your garden in warmth and comfort all year round.

Our designs can create an attractive and authentic looking high-performance glazing solution for any architectural style, from a Georgian town house to a contemporary semi-detached house.

Dublin Composite Doors offer a wide range of colours including cream, oak, mahogany, black, pine and cedar wood.

Dublin Composite Doors will construct your conservatory from the ground up and tie it into the original building. Our sundial sun-rooms offer you a wide option for internal finished plus roof windows for extra light.

Free Consultation

Dublin Composite Doors use Planitherm 1.1U value glass, which performs up to 1.35% better than standard double glazing.

How Planitherm Works

Thanks to this special energy saving coating, the flow of head from radiators stays inside the home during cold weather – head that ordinary double-glazing allows to escape. Heat from the sun stays outside in hot weather resulting in greater comfort and lower energy costs while still allowing light to pass through.

Free Consultation

It’s important that you should be able to make important choices such as this without feeling under pressure and for that reason we offer a free consultation.

To request a free on-site consultation please visit our request form or contact us on 044-90200