Westmeath Windows and Doors

Grey Front Doors

The Palladio Door Collection does not have 50 shades yet but they do have 3 shades of grey that everyone loves!

At present you can choose from the following shades of grey for your front and back doors: Anthracite Grey is the darkest one, Silver Grey is a lighter shade and Agate Grey which is a combination of Silver Grey & Chartwell Green.

Every taste is catered for as the greys can be either subtle or dramatic so have your pick.

To help you decide better, the RAL numbers are:

Agate grey: 7038

Silver grey: 7001

Anthracite grey: 7016

We always list the colours of the doors featured on our Instagram page so make sure you head over there for some grey inspiration. You can also find them in the projects section of our blog and other places like TikTok etc.

*Please be aware that the colour in the images may look different depending on the reflection of light on the door at the time of the picture being taken*.