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How to hang a wreath on your Palladio Door

Who doesn’t love a little bit of seasoning decorating us included be it our own home or showroom.  Lovely door mats, gorgeous flower pots and striking outdoor garden ornaments are a lovely way to do this to make your door step welcoming. The star of the show for us though is always a pretty wreath. Wreaths especially at Christmas and other occasions like Easter or Halloween are a popular choice when decorating our homes seasonally. If you love wreaths like us you will probably hang them all year round in fact.  For this reason we have complied some advice as we are often asked about hanging door wreaths.

Below are some tips on how to hang a wreath safely and securely without damaging your composite Palladio Door.

Door Knockers – the Doctor’s Knocker especially is fantastic for this purpose – tie it on using floristry wire or a pretty ribbon

Suction cups – for lighter wreaths this is a good option – the cup is easily removed afterwards when not in use

Over the door hangers – you can buy these or make your own

Never use nails or anything that will cause holes on either the inside or outside of your door

In hazardous weather conditions we would always advise taking down your wreath as strong winds can cause the wreath to move and you may end up with scratches.

In case you are wondering we always use the Doctor’s Knocker as our number one choice for hanging our wreaths.  We would also recommend using duct tape on the inside of the wreath (especially heavier ones) to protect it from scraping the door.