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Should your front door be the same colour on the inside and outside?

The outside of your house is generally the first impression people get of your home and the inside porch and hallway are equally as important.  Your front door gives the biggest impression on the outside and it is nice to carry that through on the inside. The interior colour of both the door and the surrounding walls are important as they can impact greatly on light and the feeling of a brighter space. If your door has sidelights this can bring in a lot of natural daylight and can mean that you have more options with your interior colour. Also if your door has a fanlight this also impacts on light coming into the area. If your door is glazed and not solid this will also have an impact on how the interior feels.  If the area inside your front door is dark we would recommend going with White on the inside to give the illusion of a brighter and airier space. It can also open up the space making the area feel bigger. In previous installations for example we have done Anthracite Grey on both the inside and outside for customers who have a lot of glass both in and surrounding their door.  Personal taste and style is also important so it is nice to have options.

Anthracite Grey