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What is the difference between White Foil and White Matt Windows?

Double and Triple Glazed Windows do not need to be just White anymore. There are loads of other colour options available. Saying that the White finish is still very popular as it matches everything. The good news is that you now have more options when it comes to the colour white now too.

White foil is a laminate finish that has a woodgrain effect which gives a PVC window more of a traditional appearance.  It also gives off a less shiny softer look.

Matt White does not have the wood effect and is also called a standard window.

While White Foil is a little bit more expensive than the standard matt finish it is definitely worth considering as it gives something a little bit different especially when viewed up close.

Other popular colours for windows at the moment include Agate and Anthracite Grey, Cream etc so there is so much choice out there now.