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Why is having a strong composite back door so important?

A high percentage of burglars gain access to your home using your back door. It is therefore important that your door is resistant to intrusion and  is providing greater security to your home.

The Palladio Door Collection is the best composite door in the Irish & UK markets. The monocoque structure with reinforced fibreglass has withstood strength tests and has passed with flying colours.

If you are in any doubt, check out the strength test video on Palladio’s YouTube.

Another reason to choose a palladio composite door is of course that you have numerous colours to chose from.

Obviously, all of The Palladio Door Collection entrance door collections can be used as back doors however certain designs like the Giza or Naples  have been designed specifically with a rear entrance door in mind.

Our customers have also chosen other styles such as the Cambridge or Dublin for example for their homes. There is lots of choice.