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Our Palladio Showroom doors-The Palermo Glazed

Shining a light on the Palermo Glazed style from The Palladio Door Collection

Another composite door style to view in our Showroom is this Palermo Glazed in Red. The glass has a clear border which is a lovely feature. The door is dressed with a Door Knob, Doctor’s Knocker and a Finger Pull Lock in Bright Chrome (Silver). The Palermo Glazed door can be TG501 Patinated glass like this one. However it also can be done in numerous other glass options such as TG8, TG23 and TG96 Satinized. It also comes in a Palermo Solid door type which is available for viewing in Mullingar too. The Palermo door compliments all entrance styles. The Palermo Solid and Glazed styles look equally well as a single door and also with either single or double Sidelights. The style also looks great with a fanlight above.

You can see if the Palermo would be the style for you by uploading a picture of your own house onto the door designer feature tool on our website.  Then impose the door that you have created on the door designer feature onto your own image.

Have a look at it and other Palladio door styles, furniture and colour options upstairs in Shaw’s Hardware in Mullingar (Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 6pm). N91 VHW2. Collect a brochure and view windows also whilst there.